Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love.
― Unknown (via loserdyke)

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bookofwanderlust: I miss your ear to ear grin! If you can wait till next year I'll come on a NZ road trip! I'm not a cute boy but I'm a great big spoon 🙋

I finish my course in September 2015 so next year is bloody perfect!
We have a deal miss!

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Mr Big is so god damn sexy in some I repeat some episodes of Sex and the City. So bloody suave.

Slow dance with me in your empty New York apartment to your old vinyls anyyyyday.

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Anonymous: Just wrote the longest question on your old bloody so annoyed at myself haha now I can't be bothered to re type the essay hha

My old tumblr? My travel one? I still have access to it.
I’ll reply to it now chicka x

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