As grim as it sounds I believe that there are just some people that I wish I never got to know.

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And how odd it is
to be haunted by someone
that is still alive.
― (via namastebella)

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There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.
― F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby. (via fcukyouz)
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when attractive people say they are ugly


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Anonymous: How does someone become your friend? x

You could start with telling me who you are and then we can go from there?

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Anonymous: Where abouts did you get the white high neck knit in one of your Instagram photos from? It's amazing x

If you’re talking about an extremely old photo it’s Sass and Bide, it’s so beautiful I lurrrrrve it. It’s about 3 years old though x

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maerodonoghue: My teacher gave me the book, after realising that I wasn't 'coping' as well as I made out. It is so warming to read and know that really, in the scheme of things, it's just another exam that no one will care about in a year from now. Glad you found it too x

I re read a chapter every so often when things get the better of me, it’s the best xoxoxox

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Although most people believe otherwise, the truth is, life isn’t an emergency.
― Don’t sweat the small stuff, (ps, it’s all small stuff. )

I read this book when I was going through a very anxious chapter in my life, for no particular reason, and it was a nice little reminder that life isn’t a serious as it’s made out to be.

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Anonymous: you dress so well!!! it's crazy. where do you get lots of your patterned clothes from? you have a purple dress and it's lovely. where abouts is that one from? style crush

Purple dress? Is it the long one? If so I got it from Zara in Istanbul.
Thanks so much! Holiday gypsy clothing is the beeeessssst. Heaps of my coloured patterned stuff is just cheapy things from markets/op shops and I just attempt to pair it up well and put nice belts with the outfit to make it a lil nicer. A nice coloured blouse I was wearing in lots of my photos is my darling mothers!

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Crushing so hard

Catching up with life long friends and temporarily falling in love with dream boat bar tenders is the perfect way to finish of a dreary Thursday.

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